Words to Live By

Fulfilment from Terry Stubbs Jnr on Vimeo.

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Down Hill Season has Started

Finally got my Downhill Bike fully rebuilt and put back together. Spent the weekend in Spokane riding with some great people.


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First Fat Bike Ride


20141213_155552 20141213_155539






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How to Route Internal Bike Cables

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Fat Tire Biking Season

Who says you have to stop mountain biking just because there is snow on the ground and its dark out when you get off work. Join the Fat Bike Revolution!

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COLD ROLLED Fat Tire Bike Movie

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Online Technical Training

One of the great things about computers is the ability to be self taught. I have been studying computers for over 15 years and have taught myself almost everything I know. I wanted to outline some great resources for others, many of which are 100% free.



Website Development

  • http://www.w3schools.com/ – Create free online resource for almost anything web related, HTML, CSS, JavaScript, SQL, PHP, JQuery
  • http://www.lynda.com/ – A subscription based service, with training videos on everything from CSS, HTML, Drupal, WordPress, and more.
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Usefull Unix/Linux Commands for web hosting

Structure of *NIX Commands

  • command -option arguments
  • Examples:
    • ls
    • ls -al
    • ls -al sites/
    • cp -R temp/sites/ website
    • tar -czvf file.tar.gz source.c source.h

Meanings of Various Glyphs

. (period) Current directory
also:indicates hidden files (.htaccess)
.. (two periods) one level up
~ (tilde) home directory
/ show directory structure
(e.g. sites/all or /usr/bin)
* Wildcard – “everything”

Often-Used Commands

ls -al List current directory (all files, long format)
cd target Change your location to another directory
cp source target Copy files (often with -R)
mv source target Move files
rm target Delete (“remove”, often with -R)
wget URL Get (usually to retrieve a file from a web site)
tar source Compress (-cvf) / uncompress (-xzvf) files
mkdir name Create a directory
nano name Edit a file (also emacs, vi, vim, picoo…)
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Stevens Pass Riding Pictures

Sarah came up and took some nice picture at Stevens Pass.

[shashin type=”albumphotos” id=”127″ size=”small” crop=”n” columns=”max” caption=”n” order=”date” position=”center”]

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NW Cup #1

I am working on racing the entire NW Cup this year.  Race #1 in Port Angeles was last weekend and I took my first win for the series. I raced Cat 2 Men 30-39. After also winning the two races in Spokane I think its time to move up to Cat 1. I put in a request last night with the USA Cycling Association and its official. I am racing Cat 1 from here out.  Here is some great footage from this weekend.

My Race Run

Here is a picture of me on course passing a guy.







In the Press;



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