October 2010 – Mike Brawley
Month: October 2010

Snow at Mt Rainier

Looks like I hiked the wonderland trail just in time.  We have had some windy and rainy weather down here in Seattle and the mountains have got their first major snow for the year.  Paradise looks as if it has

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Wonderland Trail

The Wonderland Trail was amazing. Gorgeous views of the mountain, sun was shinning.  Thursday night was the only day I had rain. It started raining around 6pm and rained part way through the night. During the Day I had sunshine

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Last Minute Training

Well I postponed my Wonderland Trail trip to this Thursday as the weather window looks better.  Yesturday I hiked Annette Lake trail as a last minute easy hike.  Thursday my plan is to wake up at 5 and be at

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Spider Meadows

Hiked Spider Meadows this weekend. Weather was amazing on Saturday, not a cloud in the sky. We reached the Meadow around 4pm and started a fire to sit around and just relax as the sun set. Night brought rain for

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