Month: April 2012

How to change the text of the talk tab in MediaWiki

The tabs at the top of MediaWiki are an important part of the user interface. Some of the names might not be appropriate for your wiki though.  For instance I run a hiking wiki for washington state called  I

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The Website is Down #4: Sales Demolition (SFW)

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Road Bike

So a couple months ago I purchased a road bike.. I have never owned a road bike before but have really like it. Specially since I don’t get out mountain biking as much as I would like.  Living in Seattle

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How to move WSUS UpdateServicesDbFiles folder and susdb.mdf

By default, WSUS 3.0 on SBS 2003 R2 server uses Windows Internal Database. If WSUS 3.0 uses other versions of SQL server, the moving steps will be a little different, but the procedures are almost same. They are: 1. Detach

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