Month: June 2013

10,066 Unique Visits

One of my summer goals for Trail WIKI was to get over 10,000 unique visits in a month.  Today is the day that happened with 10,066 unique visits in the past month. I hope the website has helped a few

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700 Trails!

I have been working hard adding trails to TrailWIKI and updating existing ones on the website. I just added the 700th trail! Many more updates to come and I hope to have over 1,000 trails by the end of our

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In San Fransisco

We don’t always have a pretty place to camp but so far every place has been free.  Plus I have free WIFI right here which is nice so I can get some work done.

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Run Mediawiki update script in PHP5.3 on Hostgator

The default version of PHP on Hostgator is PHP5.2.  With Mediawiki 5.17 and higher Mediawiki requires PHP version 5.3.  When trying to run update.php you may get an error that your PHP version is not 5.3. To run the Mediawiki

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Top Pop Broke

We had one of the pieces of metal for the pop top hinge brake and the other side extremely bent. I purchased a new piece of metal that was thicker and build new ones without the notch where the original

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