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Online Technical Training

One of the great things about computers is the ability to be self taught. I have been studying computers for over 15 years and have taught myself almost everything I know. I wanted to outline some great resources for others,

Usefull Unix/Linux Commands for web hosting

Structure of *NIX Commands command -option arguments Examples: ls ls -al ls -al sites/ cp -R temp/sites/ website tar -czvf file.tar.gz source.c source.h Meanings of Various Glyphs . (period) Current directory also:indicates hidden files (.htaccess) .. (two periods) one level

Import large databases into WAMP server

first, copy the database file ( .sql ) to this path C:\wamp\bin\mysql\mysql5.5.24\bin the number after mysql maychange depending on which version of wamp/mysql do you have.. but in normal cases, it will be only one folder there in mysql folder.

Run Mediawiki update script in PHP5.3 on Hostgator

The default version of PHP on Hostgator is PHP5.2.  With Mediawiki 5.17 and higher Mediawiki requires PHP version 5.3.  When trying to run update.php you may get an error that your PHP version is not 5.3. To run the Mediawiki

Hostgator Linux Application File Paths

KeeFox stoped connecting to KeePass

Issue:  KeeFox in Firefox has stopped connecting to KeePass. Resolution: Uninstall the KeeFox Plugin Open mmc.exe and add the Certificates Snap-in for My user account Navigate to Personal – Certificates Delete the Add the My user account KeePassRPC certificate Reinstall

How to Test the SMTP Mail Server with Telnet

Click “Start” Type “cmd” in the search field to open the command prompt window. Type “Telnet.” Type “open <servername><portnumber>; for example, “open 25.” Press “Enter.” You should receive the following message: “SMTP email service is ready.” Type “EHLO <yourdomain>

Bulk Edit WordPress Post with MySQL Command

Bulk editing WordPress post can be tricky. The best way to do this is actually with a SQL command.   For instance lets say we want to change every post in our wordpress site with the word  My Company to My

SharePoint Versions

For SP2010 info please see SharePoint 2010 Versions Released Name WSS3.0 MOSS2007 Version Changes info 31-Aug-10 August 2010 Cumulative update KB2276474 KB2276472 BLOG 29-Jun-10 June 2010 Cumulative update KB983311 KB983310 BLOG 27-Apr-10 April 2010 Cumulative update KB981043 KB981042

Easiest way to Root your Kindle Fire

First off you may wonder why you would want to root your Kindle Fire?  Well here are some reasons. User Interface more like an Android Phone Ability to install applications that are not on the amazon Market. Android Play(the new